We begin the next half century rededicated to continuing the mission of Christ, aided by the vision of St. John Eudes, and resolve to continue to be a beacon of God’s love to the community around us.  We shall work united to meet our goals to ensure that our physical facilities are safe, sound, and of service to all who need them.”
Fr. Gérard Lecomte, CJM, Pastor     

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Having recently celebrated our 50th Anniversary, we are now poised to serve a growing faith community for the next half century. That growing faith community presents great challenges, but also great opportunities, for us to continue the mission that Christ calls us to fulfill – a mission to which we have dedicated ourselves. The key to our success as a parish will be the investment we must make into the means and resources necessary to accomplish our mission and so meet the changes and needs the future undoubtedly calls us to face.

Just as the hearts of the families of Yesterday yearned for a parish where they could worship and raise their families, so must we keep our hearts aflame as we continue the mission of Christ. We must rededicate ourselves to assure our parish is here to serve the continuing needs of Today & Tomorrow.

Your support of the Capital Campaign is vital to our success. To learn how you can support the Capital Campaign, click here.

To assure our future – and to assure that St. John Eudes Parish remains a place erupting with faith, service and love – parish leaders, in consultation with a number of parish groups, have called for a $3.1 million capital campaign, With Burning Hearts, Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow! Their hopes and prayers are that parishioners once again respond, as they did when the parish was founded and as they did after the Northridge Earthquake, with resounding support to meet the challenges at this critical point of time. And this is indeed a critical time because . . .

• It has been over 20 years since any major capital investment has been made into the parish or school. Changes in technology, the growth in the number of parish families, expanding ministries, maintenance needs and expenses, and a number of other factors have resulted in another critical turning point for our parish. Today there are new and unmet needs in our parish, as well as new expectations of our church. And if, as we claim, we are truly dedicated to the mission of Christ, and if our hearts truly burn for our faith as we profess, we must realize that we are once again faced with the challenges of funding capital improvements for our parish. These improvements are crucial to meeting the needs of our church, as well as to position our parish for a strong future.

• The Campaign is launched with thoughts about sustainability, conservation, education, worship, compassion, and family. Pope Francis has called for all of us to be good stewards of the earth and our environment. Conservation and energy initiatives will not only heed the pope’s call to environmental stewardship but bring huge economic savings to the parish and school as well as lessen the parish’s environmental footprint. From the conversion to energy conserving lightbulbs, to replacing 50-year-old windows in the school building with energy efficient upgrades, among other conservation initiatives, the parish will be conserving energy and using less of valuable natural resources.

• As a parish noted for serving its families, the campaign includes something for all ages. Creating space for a new transitional-kindergarten program will expand the parish’s education mission to better serve young families and taking on accessibility problems will touch people young and old. A summary of the proposed projects may be downloaded by clicking here.

Our continued vitality as a parish with facilities that should be, as Fr. Gérard has said, “safe, sound, and of service to all who need them,” depends on your support of the Campaign. Please pledge or give what you can to the Campaign today. To learn how you can support the Capital Campaign, click here.